ZHONGLAN GROUP Internet of things
Internet of thingsintroduction

 Tianjin Zhonglan group, with a registered capital of 120 million yuan, is a large diversified group integrating R & D, production, manufacturing, sales and service. Based on No. 15, Zhongxing Road, economic development zone, Jinnan District, Tianjin, it is located between the urban area and Binhai New Area, surrounded by expressways, less than an hour's drive from Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan and Tianjin port. Superior geographical environment and convenient transportation.

Its subsidiaries: Zhonglan Pump Co., Ltd., Zhonglan Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhonglan Internet of things Technology Engineering Co., Ltd., Zhonglan water conservancy and hydropower construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd; Each branch focuses on different fields, deeply cultivates different products, and provides customers with the most suitable solutions for water pumps and water treatment and IOT intelligent systems.

Leading products include:

1. Focus on the R & D and manufacturing of smart water pump, smart submersible axial flow pump, smart well submersible pump, smart sewage pump, smart centrifugal pump, smart mixed flow pump, smart secondary water supply and other pump products.

(the above products are available in stainless steel 304-316l and other materials, and there are a large number of spot supplies all year round, which greatly shortens the disadvantage of long supply cycle of stainless steel products and greatly facilitates users).

2. We are not only the designer of the pump station, but also the designer of the whole environmental treatment system. We design and manufacture pump stations in various environments, such as integrated smart pump station, integrated rainwater smart pump station, integrated sewage smart pump station, integrated smart pump gate, etc; And key works of water supply / drainage project.

3. Focus on water treatment, environmental protection engineering and environmental treatment, mainly undertake technical consulting, design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation, technical transformation and other engineering projects of various industrial wastewater and domestic sewage treatment projects, as well as industrial water supply treatment, wastewater purification treatment, river restoration, soil restoration and other engineering projects; In particular, it is specialized in the treatment process of high concentration and difficult to solve industrial wastewater, anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment and non-standard equipment, terminal advanced oxidation and advanced purification treatment, and the transformation of production and standard raising technology of the existing sewage treatment station.

4. Focus on the solution of IOT intelligent system, application and development of intelligent water system; Big data of "digital intelligent water pump system" independently developed by China Blue: it can collect and analyze all equipment information. Detection: real time detection of various data displayed on the large screen or mobile phone. The water outlet / operation status of the pump station can be viewed in real time by remote video. Control: it can detect and control the real-time operation status of water pump and various electrical equipment through 4G / WiFi / LAN socket.

Function realization: 1. Improve detection quality 2. Reduce manpower demand 3. Reduce operation cost 4. Shorten crisis handling time

5. Focus on the general contracting of various projects, implement high quality and provide cost-effective installation and services; Mainly undertake: water pump and supporting equipment engineering installation, water pump equipment maintenance, ground pipeline laying, installation and commissioning of non negative pressure water supply equipment, turnkey project of integrated pump station, installation and construction of water treatment equipment and other water pump related projects.