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01 /06

With the continuous development of the industry, the industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. It is difficult to improve the unit income qualitatively, Under the premise of continuous growth of operating costs, for some property service enterprises and management facing development bottlenecks For the project, zhonghewei proposed a cooperation model of M & A integration to improve the enterprise development scale and brand value 。

Through M & A, the participants can integrate advantageous resources, reduce management costs, improve service quality and economic benefits, Improve the anti risk ability of enterprises and promote the transformation and upgrading of property management


The remuneration system refers to the payment of remuneration according to the agreed proportion or amount in the property service funds received in advance, Paid to the property management enterprise, and the rest shall be used for the expenses agreed in the property service contract, expenses or surplus The charging method in which the losses are enjoyed or borne by the owner < p > first, the fee system is more transparent , the owners can monitor the expenses of property service enterprises, which further reflects the owners' independent management

All in one

The lump sum system refers to the fixed property service fee paid by the owner to the property service enterprise, and the surplus or The charging method of property services in which losses are enjoyed or borne by the property service enterprise < p > first , the implementation of the lump sum system is relatively simple, which is conducive to the adoption of small property management companies. Secondly, in the owner When the professional level and energy of the members of the committee are limited, the lump sum system is implemented to avoid the need for property services It is easy for enterprises to carry out account supervision and audit. Third, due to the savings in the lump sum system It may become the profit of the property company, so it can stimulate the property service enterprise to manage to a certain extent Innovative, cost saving

Join in

The service group is committed to the transformation from traditional property management to modern property management The organic combination of commission management and consulting service mode. The essence of the franchise service model is to "implement the quasi legal person responsibility system for the project, coordinate human and property, and integrate responsibility, power and interest". In addition, by providing brand support, technical support and talent reserve support, participate in quality supervision and cultural construction, and provide a stage for developers, owners, project introducers and professional managers to play independently according to the characteristics of the project, so as to truly maximize their self-worth. With perfect project evaluation system, brand promotion mode and training service standard The standard, management evaluation system and risk prevention mechanism can provide financing value-added services for the project Advance capital, rectification and start-up expenses and other related support


The consulting service scope of the service group not only covers the organizational structure and human resources system of the property company Establishment of system, financial system, quality monitoring system, various business processes and operation instructions And other links related to property management, including the planning and design optimization of real estate projects and the introduction of the early stage of the project Close cooperation with real estate developers in terms of entry, equipment selection, selection and optimization of intelligent scheme, sales cooperation, leasing and investment attraction, etc Cut all relevant aspects

Joint venture

The group makes use of the capital advantages, labor advantages and management advantages of each partner , jointly establish a project property company for cooperative operation and management, so that all partners can use legal means, Create labor achievements and share economic benefits together. The joint venture project property company shall implement internal independent business accounting Be responsible for its own profits and losses, and all partners shall jointly participate in supervising the daily operation and management activities of the project and carry out real-time financial supervision of the project Monitoring and management, Zhonghe provides work guidance and professional technical support for the headquarters